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wowow i haven't been on here in forever! i'm hoping to post some art soon

Anyway!! my friend pirume is selling some of her super cute ocs for super cheap to buy a christmas present for her sister! unfortunately i don't have any money atm to snatch them up myself but it would be rly great if someone could buy one of them! she has rly nice and creative ocs and isn't asking a whole lot for them either, so check them out!!

<da:thumb id="494335394"/>
to fully enter the contest you had to write a journal linking to the contest


so there you go
it's a cool contest so i suggest you check it out!!

i've written contest so many times it doesn't seem like a word anymore
circus monster by flowerrot
circus monster
finally uploading something wow

this is a contest entry for WolffeDeleforet's contest to create a cover for their story Circus Monster
aaa, i rly liked eleaze's design so i thought i would whip something up (plus practicing new coloring style not sure if i like it??)

but anyway, she was fun to draw so im happy with it c:

journal -->…
CPA: Viola by flowerrot
CPA: Viola
My application for the group, :iconcreepypasta-academy: It looked like a fun group and I wanted to rp with Viola some more, so I decided to join~ updated the app

Name: Viola Baxter

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Zodiac: Sagittarius (December 15)

Species: Undead

Creepypasta story: Viola's mother was...sick. At least that's what she'd always been told.

Viola knew her mother was a little strange, but she had never really cared. Her mother loved her and that's all that mattered. Viola lived with her mother in a little cabin, far away from the bad people that tried to take her away from mother after father died.

Viola would find out too late that she should have went with the "bad people".

But for now, she was happy and naive of what had happened all those years ago on the night of her father's death. Viola's mother paced angrily around the kitchen table, pausing only for a moment to fling the coffee cup that was sitting on the table at the backdoor. Viola, who was upstairs playing her piano, had not heard the shattering of glass.

The mother could fill the anger building up in her. It had been so long since her last outburst, but she knew the signs. A part of her wanted to sob while the other wanted to scream. She wanted to leave the house, get as far away from Viola as she could, but she found herself going up the staircase. She was no longer in control of her body. Trapped inside with nothing to do but watch her body open the door to Viola's room, she sobbed on the inside at the sight of her daughter's smile, knowing it would be the last time she saw it.

Viola was not aware of what was happening with her mother and so she went with her trustingly when her mother's hand and sweet voice beckoned for her to follow. They traveled down the stairs and towards the kitchen. The glass was still in shards on the floor and suddenly Viola felt very sick. She was scared, she knew that, but she wasn't exactly sure why. She stopped following her mother and instead took a few steps back.

She could see it in her mother's eyes that she did not appreciate the action.

"Oh, it was just an accident, Viola." She smiled, although it seemed too wide. "Come on, I have a surprise for you."

When Viola had refused to move, her mother had reached forward and snatched the front of Viola's dress and Viola could feel her nails scraping against her skin. Viola started to cry and pull away as her mother hauled her through the back door and into the backyard.

Viola screamed and pleaded, crying what was wrong and to stop hurting her. Her cries grew louder as they neared the lake. Viola had played her often, catching and releasing small minnows with her hands.

Viola's throat was hurting from all her screaming when her mother threw her down into the lake's edge. Viola had tried to sit up, coughing up a bit of water she had accidentally swallowed when she felt her mother's hand on the back of her neck. She was pushed down into the water. She tried to push herself out of the water but she couldn't remove her mother's hands. Viola stopped struggling after a few minutes.


Viola's mother went to bed crying that night. She couldn't believe what she had done. First her husband, and now her own child. She wasn't sure what she would do next. Would she stay here? Or move on?

She sat up in bed suddenly, eyes wide and frightened. She had heard something. The back door; it always squeaked horribly when it opened. She listened for a few moments, but there was nothing else. She lay back down, laughing nervously as she chided herself for being so scared. There was no one else here.

She covered herself up in the blankets again and turned off her bedside light. She was almost asleep when she heard a peculiar noise. Almost like the sound of footsteps, but these were strange. They were light but slapped against the floor in the way that sounded like they were...wet.

She quickly turned on the light and got out of bed. She heard the steps getting closer, until they stopped just outside the door. Viola's mother felt as if she couldn't breath. She felt frozen in her place as the door slowly opened. She screamed when she saw her daughter's pale form there.

Her mouth was gone but in it's place the skin ripped apart, almost in the shape of a smile. A raspy voice escaped between the rifts.


Viola's mother screamed again and sobbed as she backed up into a wall. She slid down it and hid her face in her hands, unable to look at what she'd done to her daughter, hoping it was all just a dream. She felt water drip on her and removed her hands. Viola stood over her and she found she could no longer scream, no longer make any sound. She stared wordlessly at her daughter.

Viola's head tilted slightly before she shot a hand out and grabbed the front of her mother's night shirt. Her mother only whimpered. Viola smiled once again as she dug her nails into her mother's skin. Her mother cried out and tried to claw Viola's hand away when she felt something enter her body.

She looked down at Viola's hand on her chest and saw the veins in her skin popping up slightly, horribly darkened to an almost black color. She could feel something gushing through them, but only realized what was happening when she started coughing. Water started to pour from her mouth and nose and she desperately tried to remove Viola's hand. She was drowning. She only struggled for a few minutes.


+Tv, radio, computer, ect. She grew up all her life never knowing these things existed. When she left her home and found out about them, she really enjoyed them.

+Children. She feels more comfortable around those her own age.


-Water. Any kind of water is bad to her. Rain seems to be okay as long as it isn't storming, but getting her to take a bath or shower proves to be quite taxing.

-Loud noises. She grew up in the peaceful forest. Cars, yelling, and any loud noise in paticular causes her to be set on edge quite easily. Cities are not the best place for her.

-Men. To a certain degree. It will take her a lot longer to warm up to them (if she does so at all), but younger men and boys seem to be okay. She's just never had a male in her life besides her father.

Items: None

Pets: None

Friends: Pump and Emily

Foes: Everyone starts out as foes with Viola. She's not use to having other people around and it makes her stay on edge.


Feel free to start up a rp, notes or comments are fine by me~

:iconcreepypasta-academy: c) :iconfelixdcemone:
Viola c) me
The-Underworld presents: world's wimpiest ghost by flowerrot
The-Underworld presents: world's wimpiest ghost
aaa, i'm so glad i finally got this done!! sorry for the wait, things have been a little hectic lately

 [ General ]

Name: Eileen (E-lean) Gerald

Nickname: he doesn't have one feel free to give him one tho

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Height/Weight: 5'9"/190 lbs

Occupation: Toy Shop owner

Species: Ghost

[ Personal ]

Personality: Eileen is a very laid-back spirit who can be mischievous at times. He likes to be in the company of others although his social graces are rather lacking and he seems to be able to communicate better with children. He is a kind hearted fellow who seems to be stuck in the transition from child to adult.

History: Eileen inherited a toy shop from his late father when he was 23. He ran the shop well and kept in fully stocked and cleaned. He loved seeing the children's faces light up at the toys and candy that lined the desk of the cash register. He was killed by a mad man who had mae Eileen's town his new hunting ground. The killer was a traverler, known for chopping his victims up. Eileen had just locked up the shop and was walking home that night when he was attacked and knocked out. He never woke up again. But Eileen likes to look on the bright side of things. His murderer was caught before he had gotten pass chopping off his hands. At least no one else would experience such a death. But Eileen wasn't quite sure how to pass over to the other side. To be honest, he wasn't quite sure if there was another side. So he spent a few years traveling, something he hadn't been able to afford as a living person. Sometimes he made friends with the children that lived in the houses he 'haunted' before finding out about The Underworld.

Likes: Toys, children, his job, candy & sweets, people, friends
Dislikes: rude people, swears, green beans

[ Additional ]
Relationships: none
Sexual Orientation: Demisexual
Lover: none

-Eileen grew attatched to the children he had 'haunted' and still sends postcards to them at Christmas
-His eyes had been brown before his death
-He can manifest himself feet but he prefers not to
-He can have his detached hands and head move away from him but he is only strong enough to move them a few feet before they fall to the floor
-If someone scares him good enough his head will fall off in surprise
-He gets very flustered and nervous at any mention of sex and had always fancied the idea of waiting until marriage

Eileen c) me
:iconthe-underworld: c) :iconghost-sweater:


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my names bunny and im a bloody pixel rabbit

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